About Me

Hey, I’m Rafa! I’m Software Developer, specialising in Mobile Development and Backend lover.
My favourite areas to work are Native Android Development and Flutter.
When it’s up to me, I do backend with Spring Boot (Kotlin/Java) and MySQL.

Nothing like Docker to run ^EVERYTHING^

I always like to keep a clean architecture, stay up to date on the newest design patterns and enjoy what I do, every second I do it.

Divide and Conquer is probably my best method when I face any problem in my career.

personal information

Full Name
Rafael Ruiz Muñoz
March 1990
contact _at_ rafaruiz.me
lives in
Manchester (UK) - M4
since Jun, 2017




Android (Java / Kotlin)
Flutter Development
Spring Boot
React Native
Image Processing
iOS (Obj-C / Swift)
Machine Learning

Other skills

  • #RxJava
  • #Mockito
  • #NodeJS
  • #Flutter
  • #TDD
  • #Android
  • #MachineLearning
  • #iOS
  • #Swift
  • #Java
  • #Python
  • #OpenCV
  • #C++
  • #UX
  • #Java
  • #NodeJS
  • #Javascript
  • #Retrofit
  • #Express
  • #NDK
  • #Agile
  • #Architectures
  • #DesignPatterns
  • #Model-View-Presenter
  • #TypeScript
  • #SpringBoot
  • #MongoDB
  • #Coroutines
  • #Docker

You'd like to know

  • Can’t count the number of releases on Play Store 🙈…
  • … seriously, too many.
  • JIRA is my best organiser.
  • I love Agile Development ❤
  • And having a lot of Dockers!

I like...

  • Squash is my second passion after developing mobile apps
  • Rock and metal are my tone
  • Although soul and jazz are my chill time

work experience

Started Jan 2022

(Contractor) Senior Flutter Developer

Hedgehog Lab

Working on several apps, mainly on financial services and the first MVP for a major financial company.

Started Jan 2021

(Contractor) Senior Android Developer

Monument Bank

Member of the team to launch its first-ever banking app.

Started Nov 2020

(Contractor) Senior Android Developer


Working for a company develops mainly Betting mobile apps like Betfred or the Ontario Lottery Gaming (OLG)

Started Feb 2020

(Contractor) Senior Android Developer


Working for one main client developing a few mobile apps for a UK Premier League team.

Responsible for creating and maintaining a great custom Android architecture which integrates the best of RIBs, Navigation Components and MVVM.

Started Dec 2019

(Contractor) Senior Android and Flutter Developer

IBM (w/ Tent & Bear)

Working with Tent & Bear, in several projects where one of the biggest one was for IBM, together with the Department of Health of Abu Dhabi.

The mobile app tracks many health factors in your routine and lifestyle.

Started 2019

(Contractor) Senior Flutter Developer

Dr. Oetker (Juit Now)

“Juit Now!” is an app to order food that is in freezers in your place of work. This project lead by the big Dr Oetker is trending in Germany right now.

Started 2018

(Contractor) Senior Android Developer


In Boohoo, I took the beginning of the Android project and did the first in-house release being myself on the Android team.

This app has hit and hits nowadays more than 300,000 unique monthly users only in Android and has more than 1 million downloads.

Started 2017

(Contractor) Lead Android Developer

N Brown Group PLC (Manchester)

In N Brown, I was the person that started the architecture and the Android project from scratch that will result in the different brands’ product such as JD Williams, Jacamo, SimplyBe, and many others. I had to deal with many third party libraries for content purposes and a backend in Java with Spring Boot.

Started 2017

(Contractor) Lead Android Developer

North Midlands Construction (Sutton-in-Ashfield)

In NMC, I helped the team to develop a tool to reduce the tons of paper that several forms filled by clients can make every week.

Started 2016

Senior Android Developer

BrightHR (Manchester)

BrightHR helps people to build a better, more profitable business regarding Human Resources. It’s been named the SME Awards’ HR Provider of the Year 2016, and provides a full solution for business in order to manage holidays, sicknesses, latenesses, reports, management and employee’s behaviour.

Started 2014

Software & Computer Vision Developer (R&D)

Openshadow (MediaCityUK)

Openshadow is a pixel-perfect company based in MediaCityUK working in many research and mobile projects for huge clients such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal and many others. others.

Started 2013

Junior Mobile and Backend Developer

Creact (Naples)

Creact is a Mobile&Web agency where I was developing Android apps and doing the backend in NodeJS and Javascript. So far I have developed more than 10 projects with high customer satisfaction.


2012 - 2013

Master in Multimedia Technologies (Computer Vision, Audio Processing)

University of Granada
2008 - 2012

Degree in Mathematics

University of Granada


Liam Dando

Rafael joined at a really important time. He built an Android platform, from scratch, & played an integral part in N Brown’s 1st ever in-house built Android app: JD Williams UK. The growth & performance of that product has been phenomenal, already accounting for 6% of total weekly brand mobile sales.

Rafael is an accomplished developer, with great technical aptitude, supported by strong UX skills.

Carlos Laguna

Rafa is a hard worker with a lot of IT skills (and not only that). As an Android app expert, I consider Rafa a good problem-solver and someone with a lot of initiative. He has the experience in order to fix any problem that can emerge along a project. He speaks 3 languages perfectly so can communicate with international groups. As a person, Rafa is a very friendly guy with a good sense of humor. I would always choose Rafa for my project teams.

Kris Pinter

I know Rafa as a hard working and very serious team player. Rafais a great networker with brilliant technical skills, and certainlycan get my full recommendation.

Andrew Dutton

I worked with Rafael at BrightHR in my role as website manager. I had to frequently liaise with the Mobile team and often Rafael to receive the latest information, features and releases to promote them and co-ordinate with the wider marketing team.

He communicated clearly and has the ability to truly understand the audience he is talking to, which other developers often lack. I am not an expert in mobile development but I am aware he was highly regarded at BrightHR in his specialist Android role.

I was often apart of stand ups and demos where Rafael presented in front of a variety of stakeholders and he was always professional and confident.

I would highly recommend Rafael for a variety of mobile development roles and I would very much like to work with him in the future.

Dave Sellars

Rafael joined my mobile team to assist with the Android versionof the app. He contributed to all aspects of the app. Being a keen mathematician, he made the computer vision feature look easy to implement. I had fun working with Rafael!

Tony Phan

Working with Rafa was a great fun. Very talented developer with awide range of skills.

Wei Lu

I had the pleasure of working with Rafael in BrightHR, he is anexcellent Software Engineer and an incredibly problem-solver,also is a very hard worker. He has huge-range of software &mathematician knowledge to implement features very quickly andmade the job become easy.

Rw Liebenberg

During my time at Boohoo I worked closely with Rafa on the Boohoo shopping application and am happy to say that I not only learnt a lot but found Rafa to be a very effective member of the team.

Where I write

Sometimes I take time to write in Medium some stuff that I find interesting for other people.
An example of these texts are:

My profile in Medium


Also, I like to take spare time to contribute to the StackOverflow community:

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